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Spicy Romance Author

Under the Stars

A Men of Styre Cove Novel - Book 2

May 1, 2023


You can’t use your real name.
You can’t go looking for them on the outside.
You can’t have sex.

These are the rules that must be obeyed. The rules I have known and adhered to for six long years—until her. We crossed the line that night, not thinking twice about rule three. It was an experience that was real, raw, and unforgettable. Then she faded into the shadows, leaving me desperate and alone. I need to find her and make her mine again. Even if I need to break all the other rules to do it.



Lunch with my brother was supposed to be normal, easy. Something I have been chasing since leaving Seattle behind. But nothing is normal for the Lawson’s. When my brother’s best friend arrives, his tall, dark features are oddly familiar. Before I can place him, I can sense the electricity in the air around us. Then it clicks. It’s him. It’s been him all along.


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Over the Moon

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A Men of Styre Cove Novel - Book 1

January 9, 2023


My life in Chicago was perfect. I had a great boyfriend, a great job, and an amazing apartment.


Then it all went to shit and the city turned its back on me.


Going home was my only option. Now the man that invaded my fantasies but avoided me for years is my new boss.


She destroyed the walls I built to protect everyone and made me feel something.

Made me feel the urge to keep her safe, safe from me.


And I did a damn good job.


That is until her life implodes on my watch and I have to do everything to get her back to me and claim what has been mine all along.


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I received this book as an arc for my honest review and it did not disappoint!! I was hooked from the beginning and couldn't put it down once I started reading it. This book was so easy to read and follow and I loved everything from the characters to all the twists. I would definitely recommend this book and I can't wait to read more from Tess!


This spicy novel was just so fun to read!
I read part of it on a plane and twice I had to put the book down from laughing at the things the sassy Aubrey would say (my seat mate must have thought I was an odd duck for sure!).
I have to say I love her, her spirit, her spice and her attraction to Wolf... oh my...
The story is lovely, and how Tess ties it all together in the end is just so fun!
I am so very much looking forward to the next part of the series!

I was super excited to receive this book in exchange for my thoughts. The entire story was very easy to follow and understand. The character development was on point. Even though this story contains some triggers, I felt like it was handled with class. I loved how the chapters were written in first person POV. The part that pulled me in most was the mysterious manner of Wolf. I’m happy to say that in the end, everything comes to light. The author’s creativity really shined when she left a lot of opportunities to further her storylines. Could it be a love story from this one, or a sequel continuing Aubrey and Wolf’s stories?

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